I felt much calmer after the treatment. Totally at ease and felt calm throughout. Very kind people. I would like to follow up with a full treatment.

Oldham, Wheelchair User

I have had six sessions of Reiki and think it is unbelievable. What a wonderful feeling it is when the energy goes through my whole body. I have a sense of calmness, see colours sometimes, and have a sensation of tingling through the body. I hope to be trained in Reiki at a future date so I can treat myself and others.


I find it very helpful in relieving the stresses and strains of everyday life and helps me to relax. I think it is brilliant.


As a newcomer to Reiki it’s been a revelation. It’s a treatment which helps from just relaxation to health benefitting. I’ve fully enjoyed each session and felt a sense of wholeness and well-being.


I found it very relaxing and felt amazing warmth coming from Susan’s touch. My aim was to de-stress and it definitely did the job!


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Reiki but Susan clearly explained what Reiki is and how it helps to heal and promote wellbeing. I was soon put at ease and was surprised at the effect Reiki had during the treatment. Susan’s touch was very gentle and not always on my body. Her hands were very warm and comforting. I also felt tingling from my head to my toes and felt really relaxed afterwards. I can highly recommend Susan as a Reiki practitioner.


Extremely relaxing and vitalising. Brilliant!


May I thank you for all the hard work and dedication showed in your support for our libraries’ health and well-being events. The events were thoroughly enjoyed by our customers, who have passed on their sincere compliments and regards for the mini treatments given. Their reaction was very positive and I am delighted that you filled these sessions to capacity.

Community Librarian
Rochdale Libraries